SBXP is a high performance stream-based XML parser written in C.

Download the SBXP Package (The latest build is 1.0.4)


This parser focuses on speed above everything else. Written completely in ANSI C, it will compile on most 32-bit compatible platforms. This includes win32, linux, and MacOS X.


  • Very fast
  • HTML parsing
  • Using a tiny amount of memory
  • Accurate whitespace handling (even the whitespace inside the element tag)
Preprocessor options...
  • -DSBXP_MIN_SIZE - Will chop the size of the binary in half but decrease the speed by about 1/4 to a 1/3.

I wish i had more info on this subject, but i did test some files. The test computer is a P4/2.80Ghz with 1 GB ram. Cygwin gcc.

The test files are at (

FileSizeResults 1Results 2

NAV.bloat.xml5.3 MB0.156s0.094s
ARPT.bloat.xml256.6 MB8.126s5.063s
PJA.bloat.xml0.9 MB0.031s0.016s

Results 1: default flags set.
Results 2: PARSE_FOR_SPEED flag set.


Copyright @ 2004 Joshua J Baker